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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A message for Doctors

I was reading one of Libyan blogs when I came up with some thoughts about practice of medicine and the relationship between physicians and patients. I personally believe that such a relationship must be natural and simple as much as it could be. I also think that there are many physicians misunderstand the concept of medical practice and they are not conscious of what’s called malpractice. Here is something that I would like to share and hope it can help to clarify it:

Around this part of the world they have some pillars in medical practice succinctly abbreviated by "PEARLS". P - Partnership: meaning make the patient like your partner and work with him throughout his illness as win-lose business type, you share the loss and the winning. E - Empathy; which includes passion and sympathy; expressing it and working with the patient and his/her family in a manner that shows your human side, meat and flesh. A - Apology: sorrow, not infrequently you would say “i am sorry, i have to tell you - to the patient - we found a positive test for HIV or a cancer or a serious illness" or you would say " I am sorry for your pain or loss. I know this position is difficult for you" the last part is admitting the difficulty and suffering the patient have. That will alleviate the stress or the burden on the patient. R - Respect; self explanatory, showing respect and careful attitude with the patient.... Much like back home when we deal with the patients with strength and fairness, or special manner showing more or less " Ezzat Annafs" in a very saddle way. L - Legitimization: making the patient feel he has the right to doubt and contemplate his medical problem or complaints. The patient is not to be blamed for his misfortune. Give him/her the benefit of the doubt. Nonetheless, you may correct his / her mistakes softly and peacefully. S - Support: This is given by the fact that Medicine’s important role is support. Not only showing it but also expressing it regardless of ethnicity, religion, skin color, personal belief or other stuff - appearance, behavior....etc. The main point here is making the patient feel that you are there to help and care. Believe me i got a lot of success just saying to the patient or his/her family " I am here to help you, or make you feel better" or Sometimes, when the patient give me alot of hard time i would just say "I am trying to help here and I need you to let me do that or we can't go forward " or " I would always be here to treat your illness any time" in some occasions.

Another important part of your success “ Dear Doc”, not only knowledge and updated medical evidence, more importantly is to get acclimatized to the term “Professionalism" - guess what it is? It is: "Special skills possessed by a special character in a special occupation that requires special knowledge to provide special care and meet especially high expectations like those in Medicine".
Finally,Don’t forget to keepsmile, this is an important and special skill, which medical professionals should possess, so please keepsmile


mani said...

Excellent post Fawzi.. How true..

PEARL indeed.

I wonder which part of medicine do you practice :)

Keepsmile ya Khoi :)

Maya said...

Thanks for leaving a comment about my cat Asha that was really nice from .
I like what you wrote about "A message for Doctors"
I'm adding the same Question Of Mani which part of medicine you are ?
Fe aman Allah

Keepsmile5 said...
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Keepsmile5 said...

Hey Maya
I know girls can't resist jewelry and they love pearls "jst kiddin"
I thank you for visiting and wish you best luck in your career..

Mani & Maya; I work in PEDIATRICS "I thought it was obvious from my blog!!"
Shall I post a pic of Pampers (kids napkin) to make it more clear? kiddin :)
just keepsmile
Fe aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Quite, yes

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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